The entertainment industry thrives on creating new and fun content for others to enjoy. Music, movies, YouTube videos, and even TikTok posts are all designed to entertain and delight your audience. But no matter what type of content you’re producing, your content and your name are at risk of being used without your permission. Trademark law can help mitigate that risk and gives you a way to pursue legal action if your content is used without your consent. Here’s what your Nashville trademark law attorney wants you to know about trademark law and why it’s essential for the industry.

trademark law and entertainment industry

What a Trademark Is

A trademark is a type of legal protection granted to recognizable signs and designs like logos, expressions, or other identifiable types of intellectual property. It shows that those designs are unique and help distinguish your logo or sayings from others in the same industry.

To qualify for a trademark, your intellectual property should be completely unique and unlike someone else’s already protected by a trademark.

What It Does for Creators

Trademarks effectively protect your brand as a creator. They show others that you’ve taken steps to ensure that your intellectual property and creations are unique and belong to you and your personal brand. 

Once you have your trademark registered, you’re able to pursue legal action if someone tries to claim your work as their own. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your content is protected under the law and cannot be used without your express permission.

Why It’s Essential for the Entertainment Industry

With widespread content distribution, there’s an increased risk of others trying to impersonate your brand or claim your work as their own. They do this in the hopes of making money quickly or profiting off of your already growing reputation. Without trademarks in place, it can be difficult to take legal action against these thieves. You’ll need to submit proof that you came up with the concept first and argue that fact in court. 

When you need to reach a resolution quickly, even minor delays can mean losing out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Worse, it puts your brand in the hands of a stranger who may end up damaging your reputation. 

With a registered trademark, you’ll spare yourself the headache of trying to prove that you came up with your unique content and that the thief did in fact steal your ideas. The act of registering your trademark proves that you have unique content and any subsequent uses not authorized by you are in violation of the law.

Working With a Nashville Trademark Law Attorney Is a Must

If you’re an entertainer who creates unique content, finding ways to protect it from would-be thieves is essential. And the best way to do that is by trademarking your logo, your brand name, and any other identifying content that is yours and yours alone. But there’s more to registering a trademark than just filling out a few forms. You’ll need to conduct due diligence to make sure your content is as unique as you think it is. At Brassel Law, our team can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.