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Are you a creative professional or entrepreneur? Are you a musical artist in Music City U.S.A.? Do you have creative content and intellectual property that you want to protect? You may need the help of a trademark law attorney in Nashville, TN and we may be able to help at Brassel Law Firm in Nashville. 

Why Do You Need a Trademark?

To put it simply — a trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of those elements that identifies the products or services that your business provides. A trademark provides recognition for your brand and distinguishes your business from competitors. There are four types of trademark that you need to be aware of — trademarks, service marks, certification marks, and collective marks.

A trademark provide three primary services for you, your business, your creative content, and your intellectual property:

  • Identifies your products and services to potential customers and competitors.
  • Provides legal protection for your brand, products, and services.
  • Helps protect against counterfeit products and fraud.

It is important for you to know that when you trademark a product or service that it does not provide you strict legal ownership of that word, phrase, symbol, or design – and does not prevent others from using it. When you use a phrase as a trademark, you don’t own the rights to the phrase, only how it identifies your service or products. For your trademark, it is important to have something that is creative and easy to identify and protect via trademark law.

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How Can a Trademark Attorney Help?

When you register your trademark, it can be a complicated application process and it is important that your information is up to date and accurate. We understand that you may have questions about how the process works and how to get started – and Brassel Law can help. You may not be required to hire a licensed trademark attorney, but it can help and here are a few ways that a trademark attorney like Brassel Law Firm may be able to help you protect your intellectual property. 

  • Provide legal advice about your trademark or service mark.
  • Conduct a trademark clearance search to determine if your trademark is employed by any other business.
  • Help you prepare your trademark application and registration.
  • Communicate with the United States Patent and Trademark Office® (USPTO).
  • Enforce and maintain your trademark rights in a legal setting.
  • Represent you and your interests in a USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board when needed.
  • Protect you and your interests from any fraudulent offers and transactions. 

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