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Are you a creative mind, artist, or entertainer in Nashville, TN? Do you create your own original work? Music, sound recordings, poems, blog posts, books, photos, computer programs, movies, plays, and more. Copyright law covers it all and is in place to protect you and your original work – and a copyright law attorney can help you protect your intellectual and creative property.

Do you need the help of a copyright law attorney in Nashville, TN? Brassel Law is here to help and promises the comprehensive legal representation that you need to protect yourself, your creative work, and your best interests. 

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What Is Copyright Law?

Copyright is defined by the U.S. Copyright Office as a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression. The form of expression — as mentioned above — can include a wide variety of creative mediums. Copyright law also allows for ownership by a company, where the rights to a piece of creative content are held by a company when a work is made for hire by an employee of the company. It is important to note – copyright law does not apply to ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts, principles, or discoveries. 

Copyright law includes original works and fixed works. The incredible part of copyright law is that everyone is a copyright owner when they create an original, creative piece of work that possesses any element of creativity. This is considered an original work. A creative piece is considered a fixed work when it is captured in a permanent medium that can be reproduced or communicated for more than just a short period of time. 

An original piece of creative work is automatically protected by copyright law — but an artist or creative entrepreneur can further protect their work via a registration process. Registration will help protect your work from copyright infringement and reproduction, allowing you to seek monetary compensation in the event of a lawsuit.

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How Can a Copyright Law Attorney Help in Nashville TN?

It is true — that as soon as you create an original piece of art or content in any fixed medium, it is protected by copyright law — but that does not mean that you may not face legal issues in the future. A copyright law attorney, like Brassel Law in Nashville, TN, can help you navigate any legal hurdles you may face when protecting your own creative work. 

Here is how a copyright law attorney can help protect your creative content in Music City U.S.A.

  • Help you determine if you should file for copyright or a trademark for your intellectual property.
  • Help you prepare documents, file documents, and register your creative work to ensure that it is correct and can be legally enforced in court.
  • Help you enforce copyright law and protections in a legal case and ensure that you receive compensation when your copyright rights are infringed.

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Are you a creative artist who has made Music City U.S.A your home? Do you want to protect your creative property? You may need the help of a copyright law attorney in Nashville, TN and Brassel Law is here to help answer your questions and protect your creative interests. Brassel Law provides artists with monthly membership fees, flat-fee legal services, automated document drafting, and customized services.  

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