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When you enter the business world as a creative entrepreneur or artist, you will be faced with a myriad of challenges — from employment contracts to copyright law — and having an attorney on your side will be an asset. Artists here in Music City U.S.A. may need the help of a general business attorney for creative entrepreneurs in Nashville, TN and 
Brassel Law is here to help.

Brassel Law promises comprehensive legal services for artists, entertainers, singers, songwriters, and creative minds in and around Nashville. The law firm is dedicated to protecting the interests of creative minds in Nashville and providing resident artists with affordable legal services that you can count on.

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Why Do Creative Professionals Need a Business Attorney in Nashville?

Are you a singer, songwriter, painter, recording artist, sculptor, writer, poet, architect, actor, or photographer? Are you an artist and creative entrepreneur? We love the passion that you incorporate into your work and your craft and we want to ensure that your intellectual property is protected and you receive the financial compensation you deserve for your creativity and that means that you need to check all of the proverbial legal boxes.

A general business attorney can undoubtedly handle the legal paperwork and navigate the legal roadblocks for creative minds – but they do not have the experience and knowledge of the entertainment industry that Attorney Alandis Brassel does at Brassel Law. Armed with this experience, Brassel Law is positioned to protect your creative interests in the courtroom.

No matter where you are in your career or what your creative medium may be, Brassel Law can help protect your legal interests here in Nashville. While experienced in general business law, the Brassel Law Team puts an emphasis on creative entrepreneurs and entertainers with a wealth of experience in — entertainment law, copyright law, trademark law, contract law, licensing, and much more.

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How Can a Business Attorney Help Creative Entrepreneurs?

The idea of a business attorney in your corner is appealing to many creative entrepreneurs, but many still want to know – how can a business attorney help me? We are here to help answer that question at Brassel Law. A general business attorney provides aid in three common areas for creative professionals — business formation, contract negotiations, and protection of intellectual property.

Here is a better look at how Brassel Law can help you protect your creative interests.

  • Help you form and create a business entity – Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation – that will protect your property and assets.
  • Help write and negotiate contracts and agreements that will protect your best interests, protect your intellectual property, and hold each party accountable.
  • Help you copyright, trademark, or patent your intellectual property to protect it from theft and pursue legal action when copyright, trademark, or patent laws are violated.

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You may not realize it today, but you may need the help of a general business attorney for creative entrepreneurs in Nashville, TN. Brassel Law and Attorney Alandis Brassel have the experience and knowledge you need to protect your business, your assets, and your creative work here in Music City U.S.A.

Brassel Law provides artists with bespoke legal services that target your needs in the entertainment industry. We provide clients with flat-fee legal services to help you with routine legal issues, provide automated document drafting for your legal contracts, and have created a monthly membership service to better serve clients.

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