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Have you come to Music City U.S.A. to make it in the entertainment industry? Are you a singer or songwriter who hopes to write the next hit song on the charts? The entertainment industry can be intimidating with contracts, copyright laws, intellectual property, labor laws, and more — and you may need the help of an experienced entertainment law attorney in Nashville, TN.

Brassel Law is here to help you find your way in the entertainment industry here in Nashville, TN. We provide bespoke legal services for entertainers and creative entrepreneurs to help you whenever and however you need it — from contract writing to legal advice.

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What Is Entertainment Law?

Entertainment law is a broad practice area that includes many more specific practice areas – trademark law, copyright law, contract law, and more that can be applied to different creative areas that include music, television, film, theater, art, literature and more. A major component of entertainment law is contract negotiations and trademarks, but as the entertainment industry continues to evolve, so do the legal issues that creative minds face within that industry.

Entertainment law attorneys protect the interests of the artists and creators in the industry. With the aid of an entertainment law attorney, you and your creative interests will receive fair pay and compensation that help drive the economy in the entertainment industry. Entertainment law protects you from having your intellectual property duplicated or stolen and ensures that all artists and creators have the opportunity to flourish.

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How Can an Entertainment Law Attorney Help in Nashville TN?

You may not believe that you need an entertainment law attorney. You may feel confident negotiating your own entertainment contracts. The variety of legal practice areas under the entertainment law umbrella make it difficult to check all the boxes — but an entertainment law attorney, like Brassel Law in Nashville, TN, has the experience and knowledge that you need to protect your creative interests.
Here is how an experienced entertainment law attorney, like Brassel Law can help you navigate the legal obstacles of the entertainment industry.

  • Help you negotiate the terms of any entertainment or employment contract.
  • Help you pursue legal action against a person or business that has violated your contract.
  • Help you protect your intellectual and creative property via trademark and copyright law.
  • Help you negotiate publication and distribution rights for your creative work.
  • Help represent your interests in the event that you are sued.

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