As a content creator, musician, or entertainer, you focus on creating fun and engaging content for your audience. It’s what you do best and it’s how you share your passions with the world. While this does give you some freedom to express yourself, you still need to treat your content creation like the business it is. And that means understanding the legal risks you face. Content creators and entertainers can benefit from both intellectual property law and entertainment law. Here’s what you need to know about these two distinct areas.

entertainment law vs. intellectual property

What Is Entertainment Law?

Entertainment law is a practice that covers several different legal facets designed to protect the rights of entertainers regardless of the type of entertainment and content creation they engage in. Entertainment law attorneys can help with all aspects of your industry including the following:

  • Negotiating contracts
  • Setting up and registering trademarks
  • Assisting with copyright registration
  • Helping end and correct copyright infringement
  • And more

Entertainment law is essentially an umbrella term that describes the types of activities attorneys can help you with.

What Is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual property refers to the actual creative works you produce as an entertainer and content creator. That means books, music, movies, scripts, and artwork are all considered types of intellectual property. 

Intellectual property law covers the protection of that creative work and outlines the legal rights original creators are entitled to. Many entrainment law attorneys are familiar with intellectual property law and can help you enforce your rights as needed. Entertainers will need intellectual property attorneys if anyone tries to steal their creations or their work.

There’s a Clear Overlap

Intellectual property is not the same as entertainment law, but it is similar and there is some overlap between the two disciplines. Entertainment law attorneys can help protect your intellectual property rights as well as help you set up methods to protect your property from would-be thieves. 

Entertainment law attorneys understand the importance and necessity of establishing trademarks and can help you determine which parts of your personal brand need trademark protection. They can also help you register copyrights and take legal action against anyone who uses your content without approval.

Can You Have One Without the Other?

Technically, yes, you can work with an entertainment law attorney who isn’t a full-on expert in intellectual property law. These professionals specialize in negotiating contracts and giving general business and legal advice to creators and entertainers. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with an entertainment law attorney who is familiar with and comfortable with practicing intellectual property law.

How a Nashville Entertainment Law Attorney Can Help

If you’re an entertainer or creator, working with an experienced Nashville entertainment law attorney can help you protect your work while also giving you the help you need reviewing, negotiating, and modifying any contracts you may enter into with agents, labels, publishers, and other large corporations.

At Brassel Law, our experienced entertainment law team is here to help whether you’re an established entertainer or have been offered your first contract. Schedule a consultation today.