As an author, your work is automatically protected by a copyright. This copyright states that the content is your own and was uniquely created by you. And it goes into effect immediately. Any document or written work you create is protected under copyright law. But that doesn’t stop people from infringing on your rights and using your work without permission. While a Nashville copyright attorney can help you manage any violations, you still need to know the most common types of copyright infringement to watch for.

copyright infringement

Using Your Work Without Permission

Many people will do anything to save a buck or to help others save a buck. That includes school teachers and college professors. With the rising cost of textbooks and printing, many teachers end up scanning or photocopying work they want their students to study and distributing those copies to their classes. While it might seem harmless, it’s a form of copyright infringement if it’s done without asking your permission. Obviously, it’s up to you to decide if you want to take legal action against educators reproducing your work, but under copyright law, you can.

Email Forwarding Without Permission

Did you know that emails are protected by copyrights, too? Anything you write falls under the protection of a copyright. And since it’s your property, people should ask permission before forwarding your email to anyone else. If they don’t, they’re guilty of copyright infringement. In these cases, it’s often enough to ask the people involved to not forward emails without your permission in the future. But if it keeps going on, you could speak to a Nashville copyright attorney, especially if those emails include bits of your creative work that you’re trying to publish or recently released.

Adding Content to File-Sharing Sites

Unfortunately, there are dozens of file-sharing sites that allow people to upload copies of your work and distribute them to others. Most of these sites are free, but they can still eat into your royalty payments if enough people use them. Your attorney can help you send a cease and desist letter to get your content removed from the site quickly.

Producing Copies of Your Work for Distribution

Pirated copies of books, movies, and CDs are a major issue, even in America. And you won’t receive a royalty payment on the sale of any of those pirated copies. This can hurt your bottom line if it happens enough and can keep people from making purchases through your website and other trusted retailers. Under copyright law, you can take legal action against the people making and selling those pirated copies. You may even receive damages to compensate you for the lost royalties.

Don’t Let Copyright Infringement Slide

If you suspect that someone is reproducing or using your work without your permission, don’t ignore it. Doing so will just encourage them to continue acting illegally while also decreasing your total royalty payments. Get the advice and help you need by contacting Brassel Law today. Our team will help you address copyright infringement quickly.