As an emerging entertainer, figuring out your career can be tough at best. And while an agent can help, working with an experienced Nashville entertainment lawyer, especially as you’re establishing your career, isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential. Unfortunately, there’s a misconception among many entertainers and creative professionals that entertainment law and entertainment lawyers just aren’t important. Here’s why working with an experienced attorney is a great idea.

importance of entertainment law

Contracts Can Be Tricky

When you’re first starting out, it’s tempting to take any contract you can get, even if the terms aren’t ideal. But signing a bad contract can end up making your career more difficult. Consider Taylor Swift’s experience. When she signed with her original label, she signed the rights to her music to the label. That meant she couldn’t rerecord her songs when she moved to a new label. An experienced entertainment lawyer would’ve been able to explain the full terms of her contract before she signed and could point out which terms needed to be renegotiated.

Negotiating Is Tough 

Negotiating contracts and ensuring that the terms are beneficial to you and not just the company you’re signing with is difficult. Most often, companies will simply tell you to take the terms or leave them. They’re counting on you not being familiar with typical terms in the industry. But when you’re working with an entertainment lawyer, those companies will often take you and your expectations more seriously. The result is a fairer contract with terms that won’t actively make your career more difficult as you grow your reputation and your brand.

Your Intellectual Property Needs Protection

Everything you create, whether it’s a painting, a song, or a film, is your intellectual property. Unfortunately, others may try to steal your work and pass it off as their own. While your agent or manager may be able to offer general advice or act as a sounding board, they can’t help you protect your work. An entertainment lawyer can. They understand the nuances of entertainment law and can make sure any use of your work is permitted under the law.

You’ll Need Representation 

If someone steals your work or tries to claim you stole theirs, you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side. They can represent your interests and, if needed, argue your case in court. Your agent and manager can’t do that.

Work With an Experienced Nashville Entertainment Lawyer

If you’re an up-and-coming entertainer, you don’t have the time to become an expert on entertainment law. You’re busy creating things and growing your reputation. Instead, you’ll want to partner with a Nashville entertainment lawyer from the very beginning. They’ll be able to help you negotiate the terms of your contracts and represent your interests at all times.
Not sure who to partner with? Brassel Law is here to help. Our experienced team has represented creators of all types and will always put your interests first. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how an experienced attorney can help you streamline your career and take the stress out of being a professional creative.