As a creative professional, it’s easy to focus solely on coming up with brilliant ideas and products to delight your target audience. But protecting those ideas is essential if you want to set your business up for long-term success, and trademarking your business is a great place to start. Not sure why? Your Nashville trademark attorney explains.

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Your Competitors Will Be Watching

These days, it’s normal for competitors to watch what you’re doing and mimic your actions to boost themselves to your level of success. If you don’t have a trademark in place, you may not be able to hold your competitors liable for any damages you suffer as a result of their actions.

Trademarks help protect your business and give you a legal recourse to take action against competitors opening businesses with your business name and services. If another business copies your name and ideas and you’ve registered your trademark, you’ll be able to take action to get them to stop.

Investors Want to Know Your Business Is Protected

It’s normal to look for investors to back your business and help you grow. But those investors want to know that your business will be successful. If there’s a chance that a competitor could legally adopt your business name and practices because you haven’t protected your brand with a trademark, they may be hesitant to invest. Without those investments, your growth could be slower than you’d like.

However, with a registered trademark in place, you’ll show investors that you’re serious about your business and are looking at your brand with a long-term perspective. You plan on being around long enough to catch the attention of your competitors are are demonstrating positive business practices that can help show investors you’re worthy of their money.

Without a Trademark, You’re Vulnerable Out of State

Though common law trademarks protect your business in Tennessee, they don’t provide the same level of protection against businesses operating out of state. That means your brand name could be used by a competitor halfway across the country. 

With a registered trademark, those competitors will have to cease and desist immediately after your Nashville trademark attorney sends them a letter. Your property, your ideas, and your reputation will be yours and can’t be coopted by others.

It Protects You From Lawsuits

Registering your trademark doesn’t just protect you from competitors stealing your brand. It also protects you against competitors suing you for allegedly stealing their brand. When you register your trademark, your attorney makes sure that your name and any trademarked materials are unique to your business. That means there are no other companies operating in the same industry with the same name at the time of registration. Any lawsuits against you for allegedly using another’s business name will likely be dismissed.

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Protecting your brand and your ideas is essential if you’re trying to be successful in the long run. And the easiest way to do that is to trademark your brand. Let an experienced Nashville trademark attorney guide you through the process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.